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June 4, 2008

Shit day.

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Eurgh. I was going to try and do my first (successful) fast today, mainly because it wasn’t an exam day. Muh. I’ll try this weekend, and sleep through it all. God knows I need a rest.

Basically, I failed because I had an argument at school. No, not a personal, bitchy argument. It was about politics and ethnic minorities (yawn) and yadda yadda yadda, I got offended, upset and stormed out of the room into the kitchen and threw my cup at the sink. I spent the next 40 minutes crying in the kitchen and running to the bathroom whenever I thought someone was coming. NB: This was in school.

Anyhow, I felt pretty shit. My teacher came out several times to try and get me to join in again, but I wouldn’t. I’m glad I didn’t tbh. I mean, I understood their points of views, but I find it so hard to articulate myself properly, especially if I’m trying to explain something I don’t fully understand myself. I came home and looked on the internet and found out I was right anyway.

I’ve got my second language paper tomorrow. I hope it’s as okay as the last one, and not too similar to the literature paper. Thank God that literature at AS level is (supposedly) better than GCSE.

I’ve also just finished (probably unsuccessfully) curling my hair. Why curl it, I hear you cry, when your luscious locks are already bouncy and ringlety as it is?! Well, my hair is the SHITE kind of curly. Not that I think I’m going to make it the nice kind of curly either. But, y’know.

Hm. My back hurts. I have an exam tomorrow…

Ooh yeah. There was something else I meant to say but I’ve forgotten. :S. Ah well. Maybe I’ll remember tomorrow and blog it then.

Tata for now my bandy little chaps (bandy?! Wtf) OH OH! I just remembered! It’s not actually important, I just want to log it here.

Anyhoos…I received a letter from Southwark College today. Saying ‘Congratulations on getting your place’. I was like, ‘…wth?’. They were telling me about some one day complimentary level 2 food health and safety course I needed to go to…why the fuck would I need to go to a food health and safety course if I were doing humanities and English A Levels? Which leaves me guessing that they’ve either got me confused with someone else, or are just cunts.

ANYWAY enough of this shit. I need to get myself to bed, quick smart. 😉

Love always,

The Masterful One.


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