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June 9, 2008

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Okay. So far eaten today (although I’ve only been up for an hour and a half):

2 go ahead yoghurt slices and a banana, with 3 cups of coffee (with fruit sugar and semi-skimmed milk) and a cup of tea (fruit sugar and semi-skimmed milk).

I’ve done a bit of exercise – not too shabby, really, seeing as I’ve not done anything for a while. Apart from spins. That’s crunches and spins I’ve done today, and would like to go on my exercise bike and maybe my side-stepper later. When I get money I’m going to buy three things:

A properly long skipping rope (although dunno where I’d use it)
A mini-trampoline (probably put that outside my bedroom or in the living room :P)
And a yoga mat and proper exercise ball.

I may buy some proper books and DVDs on exercise. That reminds me – I’ve still got that exercise DVD from Bliss that was actually quite good if I remember correctly.

Hmm…other things are okay. I feel pretty today. I dunno why. I think wearing tops that are fucking massive on you, and then realising you can fit into your pretty skinny sisters clothes (albeit they look horrid) then you feel okay about yourself.

=] So, yes, that’s my entry for today. I may add some stuff later/make another entry, seeing as it IS only 2:05 but I feel pretty bad for not making  a proper entry yesterday.


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